Our preZero platform works the way you do

built for your workflow

The Qwiet preZero Platform integrates security into your existing CI/CD pipelines, ticketing systems, and development tools—which gives developers rapid feedback so they can find and fix high-priority vulnerabilities within the code they’re working on.

into CI/CD pipelines

We know that engineering teams already have a lot of tools to keep track of, so preZero is built to integrate into existing workflows so that developers can focus on writing code and not having to deal with yet another tool.


As part of your development cycle, developers can run scans preZero scans through CI integration, CLI or IDE.

Make Security
Part of the
Development process

Stop wasting developer’s time on false positives. Help your engineering teams spend more time coding and less time fixing vulnerabilities, increasing security without blocking software release deadlines.

Qwiet detects and prioritizes the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk of compromise by attackers, so that you can focus on the high priority fixes.

TLDR: Don't Let Security
Get in the Way of

People and teams only have so much bandwidth to offer and a lack of bandwidth across the software development life cycle can lead to unsecure code. Qwiet’s preZero platform was built by developers for developers. With easy integration into your CI/CD pipeline, security just becomes part of the process, not an afterthought.

When security becomes part of the development life cycle, you can spend more time  improving features and delighting your customers and less on out-of-cycle patches due to an undiscovered vulnerability.

See for yourself – run a scan on your code right now