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Qwiet AI swiftly scans your entire codebase within minutes. Leveraging AI and our patented code property graph scanning method, you can identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them based on severity, reachability, and exploitability. This ensures your team minimizes time spent on addressing false positives and maximizes time dedicated to building outstanding applications.
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Improved vulnerability insights make security a more effective partner for development teams. By highlighting reachable and actively exploited vulnerabilities that could result in costly post-release patches, collaboration with development becomes strategic and productive.


Qwiet AI was designed with the developer experience in mind. Faster scan times and prioritized, accurate results mean you spend less time waiting for scans to complete and chasing false positives, and more time building high quality, secure applications.

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Protect your reputation, bottom line, and customer loyalty from potential threats. Qwiet AI emphasizes preventive security measures, saving your business from the costly aftermath of breaches and positioning it to thrive by prioritizing security from the start

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5 stars out of 5

As a security engineer working with the Dev teams to implement SDLC and Code security standards and compliance, deploying Qwiet AI for static code testing was a great experience. I enjoyed working with the experts from the Qwiet AI team.

Healthcare & Biotech

5 stars out of 5

We are able to scan our apps more often with the platform because its fast enough to fit into our SDLC process.

Healthcare & Biotech

5 stars out of 5

Significant realization of operational goals to reduce time of issue discovery to resolution, allowing the app dev teams to stay focused on the production and delivery of high business value products and services versus the older cultural approach of… hunting large quantities of bugs and flaws as the KPI measuring success.

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