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Qwiet AI’s preZero application security testing platform provides SAST, SCA, Container Scanning, and Secrets Detection all in one speedy scan.  Developers love our flexibility, speedy scans, and low false positive rate.  AppSec loves our prioritization, reporting and ease of use.  Take our preZero platform for a spin for free to see for yourself how Qwiet AI can help you.

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AI fuels everything we do 

AI isn’t a buzzword at Qwiet AI, it’s our superpower!  Our patented Code Property Graph (CPG) is a perfect match for AI, providing fast and accurate scans which helps developers spend more time writing code and less time chasing false positives.  

  • Context

    Context is key. The risk for an individual vulnerability varies greatly based on its context. Is it reachable? Is it being actively exploited? Qwiet AI's preZero platform helps you put things into perspective so you can prioritize fixes.

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  • Reachability

    Accuracy alone is not enough. The preZero platform tells you which vulnerabilities can actually be reached by an attacker, letting you focus your team's effort only on the most critical issues.

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  • Accuracy

    Where do the vulnerabilities lie? And what other elements of the app are affected? The Code Property Graph (CPG) shows you by mapping the data flows throughout your entire application and calls out what’s subject to attack.

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  • Speed

    We do our scans in your environment, which makes them quicker and provides more accurate detection because it’s using your own configuration and not a mock up in our environment. See how you can start at no cost right now.

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Platform Overview & Components

Integrations for your Workflow

The Qwiet AI preZero Platform integrates security into your existing CI/CD pipelines, ticketing systems, and development tools—which gives developers rapid feedback so they can find and fix high-priority vulnerabilities within the code they’re working on.


Standard detection methods can only take you so far.  Using a custom, purpose built AI engine trained on over 78 billion lines of code and combined with our patented Code Property Graph (CPG) detection, Qwiet AI can find unknown vulnerabilities in previously unknown libraries with a level of accuracy that previously required highly trained code scientists to attain.  

What does this mean for you?  Faster, more accurate scans that help you focus on the important vulnerabilities so you can spend more time writing code and less time chasing down false positives.


The Code Property Graph forms the basis of our scanning methodology.  We use a patented process to graph out your code into its fundamental components, identifying functional elements and data flow paths into a single property graph.  This allows preZero a holistic view of code being scanned, looking at not just the elements of the application, but also analyzing how data is flowing and how libraries interact with each other.  This provides a much more accurate method for detecting security issues quickly and with dramatically lower false positives.


All vulnerabilities are not created equally and if you want to release code on schedule, you need a solid way to prioritize alerts.  Our preZero platform provides multiple methods to quickly filter down to the most critical results in a scan. With our Blacklight feature we add a threat feed into the mix, letting you know which vulnerabilities in your app have active exploits out in the wild.  Combining that with reachability and criticality filters can help you cut down on the noise and focus on the vulnerabilities that will have the biggest impact to your application.  


False positives can have a huge impact across an organization.  They can cause AppSec teams to send over too many alerts to the already overworked engineering teams, leading to alert fatigue and tension between development and AppSec. Qwiet AI’s patented CPG based scanning methodology, provides our customers with an extremely low false positive rate.  In a recent bakeoff against a legacy SAST vendor, Qwiet AI returned 10x fewer false positives, giving the customer back almost 10,000 hours they could now spend on development instead of chasing down false positives.  Give preZero a try for yourself and see how much time you can save.

What's in it for...


Enhanced vulnerability information helps security become a better partner with the development teams by providing real world insight into the vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited and could potentially lead to a costly post-release patch if not addressed.

Instead of handing down a huge list of issues and saying, “Ok, you need to fix all of these,” you can partner with development to strategically address the issues that have a high probability of being exploited without adding to tech debt.


Engineering leaders see the news headlines and get asked by the top leadership and board of directors if they’re subject to the next big attack–think log4j and Kaysera.

Enhanced vulnerability information not only provides you with precise information on what security fixes are the highest priority, continual scans can create software builds of materials that highlight what’s being used where–including security insights into containers.

Your Business

Your reputation, your bottom line, your loyal customers, and partners too–all of them are at stake. One breach, one hack, or one attack can gravely damage the business if a vulnerability in one of its apps gets exploited.

Put simply, the Qwiet AI preZero platform provides that ounce of prevention now versus that ton of costly cure later.  By making security a continuous aspect of development rather than an afterthought, the business stands to gain by not losing to the attacks that take others down.

Data Scientists

The Code Property Graph turns code into a format that not only makes it machine readable, but also provides a view into the relationships between components and how the data flows through your application.
This provides much richer insight than you can get by just parsing the code with regex, allowing you to spend more time focusing on analyzing and improving code and less time hunting down the information you are looking for.

What our customers are saying


5 stars out of 5

As a security engineer working with the Dev teams to implement SDLC and Code security standards and compliance, deploying Qwiet AI for static code testing was a great experience. I enjoyed working with the experts from the Qwiet AI team.

Healthcare & Biotech

5 stars out of 5

We are able to scan our apps more often with the platform because its fast enough to fit into our SDLC process.

Healthcare & Biotech

5 stars out of 5

Significant realization of operational goals to reduce time of issue discovery to resolution, allowing the app dev teams to stay focused on the production and delivery of high business value products and services versus the older cultural approach of… hunting large quantities of bugs and flaws as the KPI measuring success.

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