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Services Overview

Tap into the expertise you need to release secure code at the speed of business

AppSec thrives on partnership

A successful AppSec program takes a team, where AppSec and developers work in concert with a framework that gets secure code out the door quickly. Yet, building that program has its challenges.

The unending challenges of resourcing the right people tops the list, and aligning security priorities for AppSec and developers can be painful. Qwiet AI can help you overcome those challenges standing between you and your optimal AppSec program.

Time sensitive services

With our time sensitive services, Qwiet AI becomes an extension of your team to help in situations where time is of the essence.

Code Incident Response

Experiencing a breach? Did someone find a zero-day vulnerability in your application? Qwiet AI’s code incident response program will help identify, contain, and eliminate vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

M&A Assessment

If you’re evaluating a merger or acquisition, or you’ve now inherited apps and code from one, our teams can conduct security evaluations and create a security roadmap to minimize the risk the new codebase brings to your organization.