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Accurately pinpoint top risks in your code and get secure faster.​

Qwiet AI uncovers, prioritizes, and generates fixes for your top vulnerabilities with a single scan that includes SAST, SCA, Container, Secrets, and SBOM.


lines of code scanned


fewer false positives


reduced remediation time



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Other code scanning tools only add to your massive vulnerability backlog


With legacy vendors, up to 90% of your “vulnerabilities” are false positives - so you don’t know what to prioritize.


Legacy tools run separate scans and display issues in multiple places.... so you never get a clear view.


Once you find vulnerabilities, you have to fight for dev’s time and resources to get them fixed.

You need Qwiet AI

The code vulnerability detection platform that reliably
discovers risk and offers a fix.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Run a single scan and see results in one view.

Qwiet AI quickly scans all your code (SAST, SCA, Container, Secrets, SBOM) at once, then offers a clear picture of your security risk in a unified vulnerability dashboard.

AI-Enhanced SAST

Find & fix exploitable vulnerabilities in millions of lines of code in minutes

Contextual SCA

Find critical, reachable, and exploitable vulnerabilities across all your OSS libraries

AI AutoFix

Get tailored, secure fix suggestions based on the full context of your code


Secure not only your code, but the container it runs in with a single scan


Go beyond compliance with licensing and reachability enhanced SBOM


Keep your secrets safe with high precision secrets detection

Prioritize Risk

See where your data is reachable and most at risk by active exploits.

Our “Qwiet the Noise” button helps you prioritize based on criticality, reachability, and exploitability… with fewer false positives.

Fix Code Vulnerabilities

Use AI Autofix to 
resolve vulnerabilities 
in 5 minutes.

Qwiet AI automatically generates a fix, so you can quickly address your vulnerability backlog while delighting your dev team.

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