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  • * This is based on Critical, High and Medium Vulnerabilities
    ** This is based on Critical, High, and Medium Vulnerabilities and focuses on Reachable ones

Estimated return on investment

Your existing process:

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The Qwiet way:

Total cost for remediation
Total hours spent on application

The Hidden costs of FALSE POSITIVES

Running a scan is the easy part, the real heavy lift is dealing with the results.  In a recent head-to-head bakeoff in a real-world environment, Qwiet AI returned results that were 10x more accurate than the incumbent (a “traditional”, non-CPG based AppSec scanner), reducing time spent chasing down false positives and allowing the development teams to focus on the most impactful vulnerabilities.
Qwiet AI’s preZero platform provides high fidelity results that reduce the noise of false positives, helping teams focus on the vulnerabilities that are the most impactful.  We do this with using our 4 key principles:


Where do the vulnerabilities lie? And what other elements of the app are affected? The Code Property Graph (CPG) shows you by mapping the data flows throughout your entire application and calls out what’s subject to attack.


Accuracy alone is not enough. The preZero platform tells you which vulnerabilities can actually be reached by an attacker, letting you focus your team’s effort only on the most critical issues.


Context is key. The risk for an individual vulnerability varies greatly based on its context. Is it reachable? Is it being actively exploited? Qwiet AI’s preZero platform helps you put things into perspective so you can prioritize fixes.


We do our scans in your environment, which makes them quicker and provides more accurate detection because it’s using your own configuration and not a mock up in our environment. See how you can start at no cost right now.

we can help reduce the noise