Container Security

Don't let container vulnerabilities slow you down

the Risk in

Secure code running an an unsecured environment still creates risk (along with a false sense of security).

preZero will scan the entirety of the containers used by your applications and correlate those results with the rest of your application scan,  providing you with a quick view of the risks both inside and outside your code.  

a detailed list

preZero allows you to quickly jump to a detailed list of all the vulnerable packages within the containers utilized by your code.

Speeds Time
to Market,

Container scanning utilizes the same methods applied throughout the preZero platform, such as criticality and reachability, allowing you to quickly prioritize the fixes that need to happen immediately versus those that can happen when developer hours free up.

Go to market quickly with code that won’t slow you down later with updates—70% of customers fix new vulnerabilities in 14 days or less.

Extend Security to
Your Containers

For applications that reside in Docker containers, Qwiet will scan the contents of the container along with your app. With AI-enhanced scan results for the container correlated with the results for your app, you can uncover issues with the container that may have implications for your code—and help make for an altogether safer app.

See for yourself – run a scan on your code right now