Introducing Qwiet AI AutoFix! Reduce the time to secure code by 95% Read More

The Qwiet AI team had a great time this past week at the Gartner Risk Summit.   There were a lot of interesting sessions, engaging hallway conversations, and I had an opportunity to talk with folks one on one at our booth about the newly released prioritization options we released alongside our new licensing compliance feature.


A common topic that came up was prioritization.  Most of the people I spoke with from the AppSec side of the house said they felt frustrated when dealing with results from their existing application scanning tool because there were so many results and so little options for prioritizing what to fix first.  One person confided, “Even if I only get 100 results from a scan (which is rare), it may as well be 5000 results, because it’s still a lot of fixes for me to send over to the developers.  Despite helping them secure their code, I’m seen as the bad guy because I’m adding to their tech debt.”  Conversations like this were in the majority over the 3 days of the conference.  Thankfully, I had a solution I could share.

Our preZero platform has always had top-notch accuracy and reachability, but we’re on a constant quest to make it easier for our customer to prioritize their fixes.  Our latest update added improved filtering options to help you get to the most important results quicker than before.

So let’s take a look at how you can quickly drill down to the most important vulnerabilities that will have the biggest impact on your overall application risk.   We can see from the scan below there are 272 open source vulnerabilities.  A lot for any organization to tackle.