Intelligent SCA

Uncover the vulnerabilities you really need to fix immediately


The preZero platform by Qwiet AI is the only software composition analysis solution that uses AI to examine the flow of data across an entire software application to determine which open source libraries contain vulnerabilities that are actually reachable by attackers.

Proper prioritization of risks in this way reduces open source vulnerability tickets by more than 90% on average.


When Qwiet AI finds previously unknown vulnerabilities, the results are double-checked by our security research team before being flagged as actual vulnerabilities.

Validated results are then included in the scan results, but are also used to further train the AI, allowing for increasingly accurate scan results in the future.


Quickly scan open source libraries in minutes to determine whether an application exposes exploitable data flows to attackers. Qwiet AI identifies all of your vulnerabilities, then prioritizes the CVEs that are actually reachable by attackers, allowing you to focus on the most immediate risks and save lower priority fixes for later.

Increase security without increasing tech debt!

People and teams only have so much bandwidth to offer and a lack of bandwidth across the software development life cycle can lead to unsecure code. Qwiet’s AI works alongside your developers and our security researchers as a force multiplier to spot the most critical vulnerabilities for them.

AI is a core component of the Qwiet preZero Platform. Trained on both open-source and proprietary libraries, Qwiet’s AI technology can uncover high-risk vulnerabilities quickly and accurately.

The result—a noise-free list that prioritizes the riskiest of code, which allows your team to focus on the high-priority fixes.

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