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Qwiet AI’s CEO Stuart McClure recently sat down with Joe Vinck on the Business of Cyber Podcast to discuss his approach to entrepreneurship, founding companies and the importance of hiring the right people.

Stuart and Joe dug into topics such as:

  • Evaluating a team, tech, and market to determine expected business performance
  • How hiring mistakes early in entrepreneurship shaped how he evaluates team members. Seeks to uncover two pieces of a candidate’s professionalism:
    – Soft skill traits – ideally resilience and creativity
    – The cognitive biases that drive them
  • Preparing for Cylance’s IPO roadshow which led to a conversation with BlackBerry and ultimately a $1.4b acquistion
  • Starting NumberOne AI, an incubator aimed at advancing AI in cyber


You can listen to this info rich podcast on your favorite platform:


About Qwiet AI

Qwiet AI empowers developers and AppSec teams to dramatically reduce risk by quickly finding and fixing the vulnerabilities most likely to reach their applications and ignoring reported vulnerabilities that pose little risk. Industry-leading accuracy allows developers to focus on security fixes that matter and improve code velocity while enabling AppSec engineers to shift security left.

A unified code security platform, Qwiet AI scans for attack context across custom code, APIs, OSS, containers, internal microservices, and first-party business logic by combining results of the company’s and Intelligent Software Composition Analysis (SCA). Using its unique graph database that combines code attributes and analyzes actual attack paths based on real application architecture, Qwiet AI then provides detailed guidance on risk remediation within existing development workflows and tooling. Teams that use Qwiet AI ship more secure code, faster. Backed by SYN Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Blackstone, Mayfield, Thomvest Ventures, and SineWave Ventures, Qwiet AI is based in Santa Clara, California. For information, visit: