Introducing Qwiet AI AutoFix! Reduce the time to secure code by 95% Read More

New offering arrives as almost every day brings a new Zero-Day that often grinds security and development organizations to a halt 

San Jose, CA. April 13, 2023—Qwiet AI, the first in the AppSec industry to provide an AI-powered platform to find and fix vulnerabilities in code, today announced the launch of a suite of targeted AppSec and DevSecOps services that help companies address their security function needs without sacrificing time and budget.

“We often hear of the notion of doing more with less. However, in today’s environment companies are challenged with doing less with less,” said Stuart McClure, CEO of Qwiet AI. “Between sourcing the right people and distinguishing between true threats and non-critical vulnerabilities, today’s security and development teams struggle with staying ahead of their respective charters., which laid the foundation for  launching these critical services.” 

The launch of these services comes at a time when (ISC)2’s annual