New offering arrives as almost every day brings a new Zero-Day that often grinds security and development organizations to a halt 

San Jose, CA. April 13, 2023—Qwiet AI, the first in the AppSec industry to provide an AI-powered platform to find and fix vulnerabilities in code, today announced the launch of a suite of targeted AppSec and DevSecOps services that help companies address their security function needs without sacrificing time and budget.

“We often hear of the notion of doing more with less. However, in today’s environment companies are challenged with doing less with less,” said Stuart McClure, CEO of Qwiet AI. “Between sourcing the right people and distinguishing between true threats and non-critical vulnerabilities, today’s security and development teams struggle with staying ahead of their respective charters., which laid the foundation for  launching these critical services.” 

The launch of these services comes at a time when (ISC)2’s annual Cybersecurity Workforce Study found a worldwide gap of 3.4 million cybersecurity workers and 70% of organizations are understaffed to meet the increased number and sophistication of cyberattacks. 

The company’s new services fall into two categories: time-sensitive services such as code incident response and merger and acquisition assessments, and foundational services such as threat modeling and pentesting.  

“Our mission is to help organizations evaluate, develop and shore up their security programs while laying the foundation for a security-driven culture with seamless collaboration with development teams,” said Ben Denkers, Chief Services Officer, Qwiet AI. “Whether you are looking to address a situational or ongoing issue, our services can help you overcome those challenges standing between you and your optimal AppSec program.”

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About Qwiet AI

Qwiet AI, formerly ShiftLeft, reduces the noise inherent in the AppSec and DevSecOps space and allows developers to focus on high-fidelity results that have the greatest impact in their environment. Driven by a powerful AI engine developed by NumberOne AI, Qwiet AI’s platform is the first in the industry to provide AI-driven detection of zero-day and pre-zero-day vulnerabilities in code. Backed by SYN Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Blackstone, Mayfield, Thomvest Ventures, and SineWave Ventures, Qwiet AI is based in San Jose, California. For information, visit:


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Publicist – Qwiet AI
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About ShiftLeft

ShiftLeft empowers developers and AppSec teams to dramatically reduce risk by quickly finding and fixing the vulnerabilities most likely to reach their applications and ignoring reported vulnerabilities that pose little risk. Industry-leading accuracy allows developers to focus on security fixes that matter and improve code velocity while enabling AppSec engineers to shift security left.

A unified code security platform, ShiftLeft CORE scans for attack context across custom code, APIs, OSS, containers, internal microservices, and first-party business logic by combining results of the company’s and Intelligent Software Composition Analysis (SCA). Using its unique graph database that combines code attributes and analyzes actual attack paths based on real application architecture, ShiftLeft then provides detailed guidance on risk remediation within existing development workflows and tooling. Teams that use ShiftLeft ship more secure code, faster. Backed by SYN Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Blackstone, Mayfield, Thomvest Ventures, and SineWave Ventures, ShiftLeft is based in Santa Clara, California. For information, visit:


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