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ShiftLeft, a disruptor and innovator in the world of DevSecOps and NextGen SAST and SCA, today named Gary Davis as CRO and Chris Hatter as CISO to round out its leadership team. The new executives bring decades of experience to the company to fuel growth and position the company for long-term success.

“I could not be more excited about joining ShiftLeft at this juncture,” said Gary Davis, CRO of ShiftLeft. “The cybersecurity space has largely been defined by trying to stop an attack once it has breached your company. Imagine a world where we take that away by enabling the development of software that’s free of security related defects at unprecedented speed and accuracy while enabling developers to focus more on coding new features and capabilities rather than security fixes. It’s our time to quiet the noise and empower a culture of collaboration.”

Added Chris Hatter, ShiftLeft’s CISO, “what attracted me to ShiftLeft was the focus on reachability. CTOs and product managers want to ensure that they’re focused on building revenue generating features in sof