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ShiftLeft, Inc., an innovator in automated application security testing, today announced 407% year-over-year revenue growth driven by increased customer demand for its cutting edge technologies which radically reduce application attackability by assessing the actual attack pathways and providing remediation steps for the most serious risks. Application security teams and developers using ShiftLeft are able to close more security gaps at a faster pace and spend more time focusing on the issues that matter the most thanks to the combination of lightning speed of analysis and the highest industry accuracy. During the year, the company enjoyed a 143% net customer retention rate driven by strong customer embrace of the product; in Gartner’s PeerInsights platform, ShiftLeft has received exclusively five-star reviews from users.

ShiftLeft’s innovative Code Property Graph combines unique representations of source code into a high-performance graph database that supports a growing suite of novel product capabilities including extensible code analysis and precise data flow analysis. With a startup time of seconds for individual developers and application security teams alike, ShiftLeft drops directly into all major continuous integration tools without requiring any modification in existing code development workflows. In the past year, ShiftLeft added multiple new features delivered for production customers, including: