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Season 1  |  Episode 1  |  Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of the first episode of Hacking Exposed, Qwiet Edition!

Our conversation continues with Stu McClure, Chris Hatter, Chetan Conikee, and Ben Denkers.

In Part 2, our hosts give their takes on a variety of recent developments in Cybersecurity.

The discussion touches on:

  • clever ways to trick security professionals, and why you should always check code before deploying it
  • a modest proposal for cleaning up open source
  • why credit card theft is so hot right now
  • how ChatGPT has a soft spot for grandmas
  • how much Spanish you need to know for your next vacation


Resources for this episode:

Bleeping Computer on the GitHub impersonation attack.

The inimitable (Thank us later.)

The Verizon DBIR.


Show Notes:

Segment 1: GitHub Gets Got

[00:02:04] On the cleverness of tricking security-minded professionals

[00:03:30] The “macro problem” with GitHub

[00:04:09] Discord + Chrome = Crypto?

[00:05:00] Always look at your code before you deploy it, for cryin’ out loud

Segment 2: Supply Chain Risks and Open Source Software

[00:08:00] No, seriously, look at code before you deploy it

[00:08:11] Attributes of the supply chain that make it susceptible to attack

[00:09:13] Importance of code signing and vetting open source software for risk assessment

[00:09:50] Education is the key

[00:11:10] The solution has to scale

[00:12:10] A modest proposa