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Season 1  |  Episode 3

Episode 3 of Hacking Exposed, Qwiet Edition! is coming at you from Black Hat 2023 . . .

Stu McClure, Chris Hatter, and Ben Denkers are back, this time with Arun Balakrishnan.

In this episode, our heroes tackle:

  • The ins and outs of openly pwning Minecrafters
  • Is there more to jailbreaking a Tesla than meets the eye?
  • The OWASP top 10 for LLMs might be a bit of a reach
  • Lessons from Zimbra
  • Being super late to AppSec
  • When is an incident not an incident?


Resources for this episode: on deserialization in Minecraft. on the Tesla jailbreak.

OWASP’s recent top 10 for LLMs, (even if we think some of them are a little silly).

Associated Press on the SEC’s new rules for disclosing breaches.


Show Notes:

  • [00:01:29] A little java nostalgia
  • [00:03:09] Witnessing a pwning
  • [00:05:00] Explaining deserialization attacks
  • [00:07:18] Even our CISO would