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When I got the call to consider picking up the golden baton at the next-gen application security company (ShiftLeft) the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. After all, I had committed to building another company (NumberOne AI), one that would build multiple companies and all of them on the foundations of predictive AI/ML to solve big problems in big markets (not necessarily cybersecurity).

But after digging into ShiftLeft, its customers, people and technology, I saw something truly unique and powerful that the world could not be deprived of: predictive code science.

After sitting on the sidelines for over three years, I walked into that first all-hands call in August of 2022 with tremendous excitement and nervous energy.

Among the countless questions asked of me were two that stood out:

  1. Why ShiftLeft?
  2. Where do you want to take this company?

In anticipation of these questions and others, I had carefully considered the risk of taking on the role and getting back into cybersecurity at all, especially given