Find & fix exploitable vulnerabilities in millions of lines of code in minutes

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Check for vulnerabilities in millions of lines of code in minutes, without sending your source code to the cloud for analysis.  preZero creates a Code Property Graph from your code in your environment, sending only the CPG to the cloud for analysis.

This allows Qwiet AI to return accurate and detailed findings quickly with low false positives. preZero’s speed allows you to scan more frequently, moving from Static to Continuous Application Security Testing or CAST

Find the Real Vulnerabilities Right Away

Find high-risk vulnerabilities faster with the industry’s most accurate SAST tool for the OWASP Top 10 app security risks.

Utilizing AI on top of Qwiet AI’s Code Property Graph (CPG), allows for a holistic view of your code, finding not only vulnerabilities, but quickly and accurately determining reachability and risk impact.

PRIORITIZE THE High Priorities

Find and fix the 20% of critical vulnerabilities that represent 80% of the security risk. Qwiet eliminates thousands of false positives generated by traditional SAST tools and prioritizes remediation of vulnerabilities that attackers can actually exploit.

Scans That Work at
the Speed of

People and teams only have so much bandwidth to offer, and a lack of bandwidth across the software development life cycle can lead to unsecure code. Qwiet’s AI works alongside your developers and our security researchers as a force multiplier to spot the most critical vulnerabilities for them.

AI is a core component of the Qwiet preZero Platform. Trained on both open-source and proprietary libraries, Qwiet’s AI technology can uncover high-risk vulnerabilities quickly and accurately.

The result—a noise-free list that prioritizes the riskiest of code, which allows your team to focus on the high-priority fixes.

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