Keeping your secrets safe has never been more important

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Secrets can quickly become a prevalent issue if not kept in check. It's not uncommon for secrets to be one of the top issues reported after a scan. Be it a temporary password that was left in the code or an errant API key, preZero can help you zero in on the issues your team is facing around secrets.

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When moving towards more secure code, we at Qwiet believe that education is just as important as detection. Drilling into an incident uncovers more than just the specifics of the single event. Qwiet’s preZero platform provides additional insight into detected issues, illustrating why it’s a problem and what you can do to avoid the same issue in the future.

Keep It Secret

Secrets like credentials, API keys, authentication tokens, certificates, and private keys end up in code for several reasons. Developers may drop them into code temporarily for a quick fix, other developers may not have a sense of the big picture and include them where they could be exposed, and then there’s plain human error—all of which can put your secrets in the hands of hackers.

While simple pattern matching and regex can get to some of those secrets, many others still slip by. Qwiet takes scanning for secrets a step further.

Using advanced heuristic tools and AI, Qwiet scans can find even deeper secrets in your code—particularly amidst long strings of random characters and data that’s encrypted or hashed. Then it separates secrets from false positives and pinpoints exposure, so you can keep your secrets to yourself.

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