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I couldn’t walk five feet at RSA recently without someone asking me about ChatGPT. The questions all boiled down to “ChatGPT—is it bad, really bad, or just plain horrible?”

ChatGPT is all of these things, and at the same time it is none of them. ChatGPT is only what we make of it. Like any generative technology, it reflects back what it is given, so if we manifest it as the end of the world, then that is exactly what it will give us. It’s the garbage in, garbage out problem.

For developers and the AppSec community at large, there is a positive use-case, which has so far been drowned out by the current hysteria. AI-based technology is fast augmenting the age-old copy-and-paste practice of many developers (think Stack Overflow). According to a recent Gartner report, developers and other enterprise stakeholders are using ChatGPT to help them work faster, but not always smarter.